Monday, June 24, 2013

The beginning of book 2

Well, here I sit, trying to plan Book 2 of the Political Slant series.

Unfortunately, I'm sitting in a room full of the sounds of Let's Make a Deal and my sweet 3-year-old daughter jumping on the couch next to me. While entertaining, those sounds are not really conducive to writing, especially since all I've had to eat today is cereal and a fruit and grain bar. Yes, I have brain fog, and I'm sure this blog will reflect it.

But right now I'm just working on listing the problems that need to be solved in Book 2, and a few new problems that can come into play.

And, I'm happy to say, I think I have an ending. That's crucial when planning a book.

My 3 year old has such cute little feet. I just have to throw that in there. So sweet. Kids are great.

But seriously, I have a bunch of characters in very sticky situations that are about to get stickier. If you haven't read Book 1, simply called Political Slant, download your copy now from or Smashwords.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Something worth checking out.

Forget Laxative. Try Writing!

Writing, to me, is like...well...a good purge. 

Couldn't I find a better metaphor? Maybe. Probably. I'm sure. 

Still, let me explain. My brain gets clogged, and so do my heart and my emotions. The badness--the "waste matter"--builds up uncomfortably. 

I so don't like where this is headed, but I'll keep going. 

When I write, somehow everything gets cleaned out. It's like the unwanted thoughts and feelings come down my arms, through my fingers, and onto the screen, or onto the paper via the pen, should I choose to go that route. And, as it all comes out, I start to heal. Anxiety is soothed. Depression is lifted, often. I'm usually a better person after I write than I am before, or at least smarter, to a degree. 

Writing also gives me the chance to see what all's up there in the old noggin, so to speak. It's like sweeping out all the piles and scatters of rubbish down a chute and spreading it on a page. I'm often impressed a what my brain's managed to absorb over the years. That stuff is seldom ready for me when I talk, but somehow it comes out when I write. 

Ok, in this blog I've likened my writing to garbage and other waste. I'll flatter myself that it doesn't read that way, at least the majority of the time. 

But I know this: writing lightens me.  I learn while I write, I grow while I write, and as I said before, I heal while I write. 

Give it a shot yourself. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Political Slant Now Available on Amazon and Smashwords

My new political thriller, Political Slant, is now available on AND for the low price of $2.99.

Here's the description: 

It’s a great time to be an American.

The U.S. has its first female president. Crime rate across the country has never been lower. We’ve never been closer to world peace.

Or World War III, if the Powers have their way. 

But the Powers have two obstacles in their path: flight attendant Shaun Grainer, who survives a mysterious jet crash into enemy territory; and 17-year-old Ben English, who is caught trying to podcast from a presidential dinner.

What do they know? What can they do? And most importantly, what can happen if these two meet?

Packed with chilling suspense and laugh-out-loud humor, this fast-paced political thriller will have you turning pages at lightning speed.

Constructing Authorship

Writing a novel is like building a house. You start in with great intentions of all kinds of details, like stainless steel appliances or food replicators in every room.

Then, once you start, you realize that details are minor in comparison to learning to build in the first place.

I mean, it's useless to have that replicator that produces nothing but great Cracker Barrel food when the floors can't even support the walls. Well, not totally useless, because you can eat while standing on saggy floors, but there you are. 

I'm on the quest to learn to build. I want to write good stories that are solid and can stand on their own. Of course, I want them to be functional and aesthetically-pleasing as well. I might even throw in the occasional replicator. 

So, here I am, A. R. Jones, starting my journey. Stay tuned as I post my novels, one at a time, starting with my first published work, Political Slant

Start building whatever you've been called to build.